Cain Dwyer in social media

Fees, challenges & skillsets
3rd May 2018

Gwilym Davies of Diagnostax interviews Matthew Dwyer on all things tax, recruitment and attracting new talent.  


VAT implementation in the GCC

15th January 2018

Exploration of the teething problems with implentation of VAT in Saudi Arabia and UAE, with comment from Cain Dwyer on staffing and recruitment.  

Twittering Tax Pros

3rd January 2018

Twittering Tax Pros is a list of tax folk who are making regular contributions in the tax space on Twitter, and Cain Dwyer (@caindwyertax) are now included!  Next stop....Top 100 Must-Follow tax Twitter Accounts For 2019! 

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

13th December 2017

The GCC's implementation of VAT on 01/01/18 features in the International Tax Review's Global Tax 50 2017.  Including comment from Cain Dwyer.