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The recruitment industry has seen a rash of activity in recent years with the following tools: social media sourcing, jobs boards, outsourced technology (human or otherwise), in-sourcing and oft not disclosed but a number of recruitment firms who have sister companies that maintain search methodology while working with the clients they search from on a contingent basis.

Maybe, the folks at Cain Dwyer are getting old (whilst embracing state of the art technology – an oxymoron!), but what we know is important is illustrating a contact and candidate base built from longstanding relationships. This is not supplanted by other sourcing methods. Recruitment firm fees are expensive for clients so in offering our service what we have is a traditional approach which forms the basis of Cain Dwyer in everything we do.

We know, candidates are struggling with the number of direct approaches they are receiving via their various inboxes. The traditional candidate approach of the past, assessing what makes people tick and what a client is really looking for is being eroded. Not at Cain Dwyer. 

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